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Cybersecurity: investing online

Investing online may appear simple, but you should
take steps to secure your financial information.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#1: Change your password frequently

It can be annoying to do but this is the simplest way to keep your information secure. Change your password on a regular basis, such as the first of every month.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#2: Don’t let others see your account information

Always log off and close your account screen when you are finished. Don’t allow your web browser to save your password, and delete your browser history often. This is especially important when you’re using someone else’s computer.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#3: Watch your printed records

File your print outs safely and securely and shred any records you print to make sure they can’t be found by someone going through your garbage.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#4: Protect your access number and password

Financial institutions take steps to make sure your online account is secure and private. Keep it that way by protecting your usernames or account numbers and passwords.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#5: Review your monthly statements

Keep track of your transactions, and immediately contact your advisor or investment firm if you see anything suspicious.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#6: Back up your data

Always assume your computer or mobile device could crash. Make sure you have the latest anti-virus software installed and make frequent backups of statements and information stored in your online account. Keep this data somewhere safe.

Cybersecurity: investing online

#7: Protect yourself from fraud

Even if your account is secure, read this brochure to learn about common online investment scams and how you can protect yourself.

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