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Identify phone and email scams

Learn to spot and avoid phone and email scams in a digital world.

Identify phone and email scams

#1: Is that really your investment firm?

When someone contacts you claiming to be your advisor or from your investment firm, you may not recognize their voice or it may seem odd to hear from them. To protect yourself, don’t respond, and call your advisor at the number you have in your own records.

Identify phone and email scams

#2: Never be in a hurry to make investment decisions

Most phone and online scams involve high-pressure tactics to get you to invest quickly. If you feel pressure to invest, hang up or close your web browser and report the communication to your local securities regulator.

Identify phone and email scams

#3: Invest safely by being cautious

The Internet has so much information about investing. You may get emails or calls, read investing blogs or see "hot tips" online. Be cautious about everything you read or hear. Check the facts with your local securities regulator before investing.

Identify phone and email scams

#4: Common signs of a scam: know what to look for

Investment scams typically guarantee unrealistic rates of return and discuss "inside information." Scammers are usually in a hurry to get you to invest right away.

Identify phone and email scams

#5: What to do if you suspect a scam online or on the phone

End the communication immediately – hang up the phone or close your web browser. Report any suspected scams to your provincial or territorial securities regulator.

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