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Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

If you believe that someone is stealing funds or manipulating you into giving them money, access to accounts, or financial power, there are many avenues of help and actions you can take.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Confide in someone in your circle of care

Speak to someone you trust. This could be a neighbor, a family member, a health care worker, or someone else in your community. They can help you in getting assistance.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Get copies of your financial records

Examine your bank, investment and pension records to confirm if there’s any suspicious activity. You can also ask for copies of cashed cheques. You may also want to review your will, deed and other important paperwork. If something is unclear, speak with your bank or financial advisor directly.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Talk to professionals

There are people who can help you look out for your best interests. This includes your family doctor, your lawyer, accountant, or even bank manager.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Speak to the police

Fraud is a serious crime that will be taken seriously. Non-emergency police staff can be of assistance in investigating suspicious activity and potentially charging those who break the law.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Reach out to organizations that can give you advice

Elder Abuse Ontario has a Seniors Safety Line (SSL): 1-866-299-1011. This is available 24/7 in several languages and provides people with a safe, confidential place to discuss issues.

Seniors: if you suspect financial abuse

Get a better understanding of elder abuse

Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) has tips and resources for Canadians in every province. Visit www.cnpea.ca to learn more.

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